1. nodle

    First we have people stealing mail and now this

    They are just blunt about it.
  2. nodle

    People stealing mail and packages

    I keep meaning to make this thread, but always seem to forget. So what's up with America's new found addiction of stealing packages and not getting in trouble for it? Thankfully I haven't heard of that problem around here, but I know on the West and East coasts that this is a major problem that...
  3. J

    Windows 10 preview now includes Outlook Mail

    Microsoft is releasing a new preview of Windows 10 today with some additional features and changes. While a previous build leaked with new Outlook Mail and Calendar apps, Microsoft is providing them officially today in build 10061. Microsoft is borrowing the new swipe actions from its Outlook...
  4. ryanator

    No mail on Saturday???

    As you might have heard already, the U.S. Post Office is considering to cut Saturday mail to decrease expenses and cut losses. Today, they're supposed to decide on the issue. Personally, it would suck because it already seems to take forever to get stuff and now having the whole weekend off...
  5. ccs729

    Mail in rebates are frustrating

    Could companies possibly make it any more difficult to claim rebates?  I understand that they want to make the customer jump through a few hoops and be inconvienced a bit so not everybody tries to claim their rebate. There is however a fine line between inconviencing people and downright being...
  6. D

    DBXtract mail extractor

    OE5 and OE6 have a proprietary binary format that makes archiving individual messages difficult. In addition, a number of people have indicated that their message folders have become corrupted and OE can not read them. Consequently, they have lost all the messages in that folder. DBXtract...