1. nodle

    Intel CPU Security Issues

    So I don't know how many of you have already heard about this, but it really is large news. AMD processors are not vulnerable to this type of attack. All computers with Intel chips from the past 10 years appear to be affected. The fix for it? A 30% slower computer! Get ready for some major slow...
  2. J

    Chrome users beware: Extension could steal everything you type

    A malicious new Chrome extension has been discovered, and it's a serious security risk. Capable of capturing everything a victim types into an infected Chrome browser, Catch-All is spreading through email phishing attacks. It has only been discovered in Brazil thus far, but it has the potential...
  3. J

    22-year-old saved the world from a malware virus named 
  4. nodle

    Popcorn Time malware

    I'm kinda glad I don't have to deal with this stuff anymore. Source
  5. nodle

    Rombertik malware

    Shit's getting serious anymore! :eek: Source
  6. nodle

    LightEater malware

    We’ve all heard that ‘software doesn’t destroy hardware’, but BIOS malware LightEater is an exception to that rule. LightEater can be used just to steal passwords and intercept data or it can render your BIOS useless, preventing your computer from booting. The problem is made worse...
  7. nodle

    Skeleton Key Malware

    SecureWorks, the security arm of Dell, has discovered the new piece of malware dubbed"Skeleton Key." The attack consists of installing rogue software within Active Directory, and the malware then allows attackers to login as any user on the domain without the need for further authentication...
  8. nodle

    A whole new generation of malware

    Forgot computers lets go after routers. I have seen this on a few models lately. It's gonna be a whole new generation of malware coming up. Link
  9. nodle

    Spyware & Virus Removal Tools

    *NOTE, I no longer will be maintaining these links. Neither will I keep adding new tools or keep up on the latest tools since I am no longer in this line of work. Ok I thought I would post some of the tools here that I use on a daily basis to help people out with. I have my very own custom USB...
  10. nodle

    Malware attack specifically targets Mac users