1. nodle

    CBD oil - Does it really work?

    So about a year ago, CBD oil became a big hit. Apparently it has good medicinal properties. It comes in different MG doses and has different was of using it as well. But the THC (what gets you high) has been removed. Anyone else used it or would recommend it for sore muscles?
  2. D

    Jeff Sessions Asks to Go After Medical Marijuana

    That son of a bitch. Sessions
  3. nodle

    Colorado's legal marijuana

    What does everyone think about this? Good idea? Bad idea? It's amazing the revenue that it's created in just one day. Here is my take. I personally don't see a problem with it. I think it's safer than alcohol. Plus for alot there are some medical benefits. Would I partake? No. But I think if...
  4. nodle

    15 things you should know about marijuana
  5. L

    Lifting the ban on marijuana

    If you lived here would you partake?
  6. nodle

    Could taxing marijuana really save our country?

    I have been seeing alot of talk about this lately. But if you think about it taxing marijuana would really generate revenue. Not only in the selling of it and the tax that comes from it, but also the new businesses that would open and the jobs it would create for people working at them. This...
  7. nodle

    DEA to halt medical marijuana raids

    A win for the potheads.