1. nodle

    Sleepless nights lately, what is going on?

    So I thought I needed to make a thread on this. So personally this is happening to me this last year, and after talking to co-workers experiencing the same thing, and seeing snippets here and there online, has anyone else in the last year noticed that they are waking up more and more in the...
  2. D

    A hypothetical Christmas if a guy was loaded

    I'd get all fluxoid members a record player and preamp or a combination thereof.
  3. nodle

    Mass UFO Sighting Photographed Over Kentucky

  4. ndboarder

    Mass Effect 1 - 3 (Xbox)

    Well.... prior to Prototype (finished it last night, wrote a bit about it earlier), I spent the past couple months of my gaming time in the Mass Effect universe. I had bought ME1 and ME2 right around the time ME2 released. I hadn't played any of them. Along comes ME3 this year, and about a...
  5. nodle

    Francis on Mass Effect 3

    I kind of agree the DLC is a bunch of bull.
  6. nodle

    Iran Digging Mass Graves For US Troops
  7. nodle

    CIA Caused Mass Insanity in a French Town by Bread with LSD

    A good read.
  8. nodle

    Mass Effect 2 girl

  9. ndboarder

    Mass Effect 2

    I'll have to go look for some reviews, but have any of you gamers in here read reviews? Is this gonna be good?
  10. nodle

    Weapons of Mass Destruction

    Awesome photos!
  11. nodle

    Detention camp Setup for DNC Protestors and Mass Arrests
  12. jthock

    Mass Effect (Xbox 360)

    Loved it! I was never huge into RPGs until I played WoW, but this game was pretty neat. I would describe it as basically an interactive cinema. There are tons of conversations and cutscenes which are altered by the responses you pick. You become good or bad depending on what kinds of decisions...
  13. nodle

    Top 10 Ways to Build Muscle Mass Fast

    1. Pursue Progressive Overload.     The law of progressive overload simply says that you must increase the amount of reps or the weight lifted every single workout (or as close to this as humanly possible) in order to ignite muscle growth.     The body adapts to stimuli, so how do we use...
  14. nodle

    VA-tech mass shooting

    So i was just wondering what people though of this shooting earlier this week? My personal views on it, is i think it was a mess. I think the whole school and cops are responsible for it. I mean come on 2 hours? No lockdown? And then don't get me going on the fat cops hiding behind their car...