1. nodle

    The Golden Arches Trifecta

    Listen to me men, it was but just a couple of weeks ago, that I almost reached a heightened state of pure enlightenment. I came so close. Yes, I almost had Mcdonalds for all 3 meals in one day. Many have said that this can never be done. Many have tried, many have failed. But I was there. I had...
  2. nodle

    McDonald’s sauce packets

  3. nodle

    What kind of food do you consider McDonalds to be?

    I find it strange. I categorize McDonalds food in a class of it's own. I mean they serve hamburgers, but I don't consider them a 'real' hamburger. A real hamburger is at a sit down restaurant. So what does that make McDonalds then? I mean technically it's fast food, but I consider other fast...
  4. nodle

    Ordering one of everything at McDonalds

    @C Pav is your body ready?
  5. nodle

    The classic McDonalds

    Does anyone else miss the "old" McDonalds? I mean I use to like all the Styrofoam stuff. I know if was bad for the environment, but it was a perfect holder for your french fires and ketchup. The modern day cardboard stuff is bland.
  6. nodle

    Grand Mac - Mcdonalds

    So I had one of these today. I had been wanting to try one. Holy cow this is a big, Big Mac. They way they use to be. It's quite a burger. I'd recommend it.
  7. nodle

    Being sick and McDonalds

    So my Wife was sick the other day, you know they whole throwing up etc. We have all been there. Anyways I was telling Her how when I use to be sick I use to get McDonalds and it would always make me feel better. She wasn't believing me. When I use to get sick I would go and get a Big Mac meal...
  8. nodle

    McDonalds is launching a clothing line

    It will be based off the Big Mac. Source
  9. nodle

    McDonalds in China get WoW makeovers

    I wanna go!
  10. nodle

    Mcdonald's Mcrib sandwhich

    What's your take?
  11. nodle

    Billy Mays buys breakfast at McDonalds
  12. nodle

    Mcdonalds runs out of McNuggets, woman calls police