1. nodle

    Meater - wireless meat thermometer

    Just ran across this neat device. I have never heard about it. From the video I have watched it works well but you have to buy the Meater plus version. Amazon sells it. I might pick one up next summer.
  2. nodle

    Beyond Meat

    So, what does everyone think of this Beyond Meat product? Basically, plant based meat products? I know our Pizza Hut here has been promoting it for quite some time now. I see Pepsi just made a deal as well...
  3. nodle

    Lab grown meat

    I have been seeing this brought up again a lot lately. Would you ever eat it? The future of meat.
  4. C Pav

    Arby's secret menu item the meat mountain
  5. nodle

    USDA approves horse meat

    Wonder how much will end up in our meat here?
  6. nodle

    Horse meat may be back on the menu.

  7. nodle

    Buffalo meat

    Does anyone like Buffalo meat for their burgers? I do know it is way healthier for you than regular hamburger.
  8. WayneKerr

    Super Meat Boy (flash) Fun plat former with good music
  9. WayneKerr

    Prices of meat and dairy raising across the country Stimulus may bolster dairy industry FALLING MILK PRICES: Initial effort to pay farmers to retire cows fizzles By MARC HELLER TIMES WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2009 WASHINGTON A stimulus...
  10. nodle

    How do you like your steaks?

    Which is your choice?