1. nodle

    The price of new glasses

    So I went in to get my eyes examined about two weeks ago. I can't believe the price of glasses these days. I was supposed to get progressives last time, but this time I am going to have to get them. Compared to single visions they are so expensive. It sucks for people that have to pay just to...
  2. nodle

    Cure for the common cold? Onion syrup

    I actually read something about this when I was sick last time. I was getting desperate but never tried it. I might have to remember this thread next time. What do you think? Think it would work, would you try it?
  3. nodle

    CBD oil - Does it really work?

    So about a year ago, CBD oil became a big hit. Apparently it has good medicinal properties. It comes in different MG doses and has different was of using it as well. But the THC (what gets you high) has been removed. Anyone else used it or would recommend it for sore muscles?
  4. D

    Jeff Sessions Asks to Go After Medical Marijuana

    That son of a bitch. Sessions
  5. D

    The medical system is why our finances are in trouble

    No bail, no kidding, no mansion, no Porsche, no exceptions — and no bull****.
  6. nodle

    DEA to halt medical marijuana raids

    A win for the potheads.
  7. nodle

    Walmart medical clinics

    What is your thoughts on this? Wal-Mart expanding in-store health clinics The retailer plans to roll out 400 clinics at its stores that will be jointly branded with local medical groups.