1. C Pav

    Fondest Video Gaming Memories

    Let's share our fondest gaming memories. For some reason when son was excitedly telling me about Sea of Theives I got to thinking about sailing and this memory: Playing The Legend of Zelda: WInd Waker and the fun and simpler times playing it. Sailing was a big part of it. OSmetimes a chore but...
  2. nodle

    Your past computers nostalgia stories

    I was talking to @C Pav about past computers this morning. Let's touch on a brief history of what we have gone through. The first PC that I purchased was an IBM computer from RadioShack. I had to take a loadout for it. It cost me about 4 grand. I think it was a 286? I can't be certain. Then I...
  3. nodle

    Classic YouTube videos you grew up with

    Let's post some old YouTube videos that you grew up with that will always remain classics. I'll start us off...
  4. nodle

    Nostaliga items

    Let's post things we though were so cool growing up. I know a few of us on here like to reminiscence on our childhood days. I'll start us off. Behind the ear headphones. Man I remember getting a first pair of these. You just looked...
  5. C Pav

    Nostalgic memories with friends thread.

    This thread is for memories you recall with friends. Main reason is because soon a friend of near 13 years will be moving away. @nodle you will be missed so here it goes. Remember always going over to Greene Drug to get snacks and drinks? Sharing pretzels while working on computers. How about...