1. nodle

    Guy lives in an apartment complex, no one has come out in days

    A TikToker named Cody has been documenting some of the intricacies of his Atlanta apartment complex, including menus stuck in doors for days and vehicles in the parking garage that are collecting dust. Is this something sinister, or completely explainable...
  2. nodle

    Missing hairs when shaving

    Does anyone else hate this. You shave go to work and feel your face and you can either feel a patch or single hairs that you missed? Plus your screwed until you get home from work. Ughhhh.
  3. nodle

    Missing people due to Project MKUltra?

    So has anyone ever wonder what happens to all the people that go missing around the world daily? I thought I would Google it and it says about 2,300 per day. :eek: So where do all these people go? I mean some may be eventually found. Some are probably foul play. Some runaway, and some maybe...
  4. jthock

    Casey Kasum reported missing, now on life support

    http://m.wtae.com/news/legendary-dj-casey-kasem-missing/25939152 http://m.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2014/06/12/casey-kasem-near-death/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3Jhvlag9vMJust a little coincidental with the saved by the bell I've been watching. Can also remember his voice...
  5. nodle

    Malaysia Airlines 'loses contact with plane'

    I'm putting this here for now until they find out exactly what happened. But how do you lose a plane in this day and age? I mean there are even apps for your phone that can track planes. Plus don't they have a "Black Box" to always broadcast back home? Also what about everyone and their cell...
  6. nodle

    Toolbar missing in Outlook 2003

    I thought I would just post this here in case anyone ever runs across this. It looks like a flaw with Office 2003 and the file, edit, etc. goes missing. Open MS Word and try the normal fixes for it, if all is still at a loss press Alt + F8 to bring up the macro menu. make a new macro and paste...
  7. ryanator

    Missing text from Joe's phone

    There was a text that was on my work phone before I got it, it was supposed to be a previous older guy who worked here with his original work phone number, right. (C Pav and Nodle would know who I'm talking about) I actually deleted the text off and thought better leave it and his personal life...
  8. nodle

    Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist

    Dam this is really interesting! :surprised: Immune to tear gas. Weird. http://unfictional.com/img/joseph-moshe-arrest-teargas.jpghttp://re0search.files.wordpress.com/2009/11/48644839.jpg?w=368&h=292
  9. nodle

    Secret cargo theory as hunt for missing vessel Arctic Sea goes on

    I wonder if this has ties to this?: http://fluxoid.com/forum/index.php?topic=5966.0 http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/aug/13/missing-vessel-arctic-sea-piracy
  10. C Pav

    Missing Benefits achievement on Gears of War 2

    SO nodle and I finished Gears of War 2 last night and one of the achievements is finishing the game on any level on co-op. Well, we didn't get it. From what I read it's due to not restarting each level from the start and not from out last checkpoint. GAY! So now I have to play it all over, with...
  11. WayneKerr

    Missing hedge fund manager

    Just saw the end of the news clip on MSNBC about a missing hedge fund manager from Jersey.  The crawler read "swindle suicide."  Either he jumped, or the alleged, that someone "took him out."  Can't find anything on website about it
  12. Ludacris

    Ballads: A Missing Art

    So what ever happend to the classic 80's early 90's ballads....Seems to have been lost through the years.  This video just reminded me of that, seems to be a ballad to me.  Good band; Avenged Sevenfold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZqxl57PeL8&mode=related&search=
  13. nodle

    Missing radioactive material

    Lol Pakistan lost some material, then took an add out in the local newspaper. http://img358.imageshack.us/img358/7546/42876207adbodymr8.jpg
  14. nodle

    $3 Trillion Missing, Mckinney grills Rumsfeld

    This is good, t-t-t-today junior... LINK
  15. nodle

    Well that explains jmanz missing time

    :smt011 SOURCE