1. nodle

    Black Desert Online

    I know you were looking for a new MMO @C Pav. I have heard good things about Black Desert Online.
  2. nodle

    Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse

    Great deal on Logitech's MMO Gaming mouse. $29.99
  3. nodle

    Dux MMO Gaming Mouse

    Dam it's beautiful! I guess if you were a macro mouse user you would be in heaven.
  4. ryanator

    MMO players can suck

    I wasn't sure to put this in the gamers tag, but thought I was more on venting on this. The "typical" MMO players are such insecure jerks. I never played an MMO really before until League of Legends to see what it was all about (Most here can chime in about WoW). Even in the low levels, you...
  5. jmanz

    Is the MMO dying?

    World of Warcraft losing members? />
  6. C Pav

    Military/shooter MMO

    I was thinking why not make a military/shooting type MMO? One idea is to have different time eras. You start out in the stone age with crude weapons like stone axes and old slings and rocks. As you progress you can warp through time to the next time era. You can always come back and forth but at...
  7. nodle

    Luna- free MMO