1. nodle

    Montana sheriffs discuss UFO encounters and cattle mutilations
  2. nodle

    Registering Supercars in Montana to Avoid Taxes

  3. nodle

    Mic catches Montana Commissioner trying to destroy solar projects

    I am not surprised by this. Source
  4. nodle

    Montana mountain man puts court in it's place

    This is about a half a hour from where I use to live. I love how he just gets up and walks out and leaves.
  5. ryanator

    Death of Montana teacher.

    I'm sure you all heard by now, that Sherry Arnold of Sidney, Montana has been found dead. It hits closer to home and is such a tragedy. Just thinking how things played through. There hasn't been details on what exactly happened, but makes you think. My condolences to all that were affected...
  6. nodle

    Montana Governor Signs New Gun Law
  7. nodle

    Meteor over Montana

    I didn't know that this went on... Video:
  8. Ludacris

    Lake County Montana Abduction

    Apparently this is "Real" footage of the alien abduction of the McPherson family in Lake County Montana.  I tried to find some details about the story but could not.  Maybe someone else can??  There was a short film made with obvious actors about this incident (the film was based on a true...
  9. Ludacris

    UFO lights over Montana lake??

    Here's a couple links to a video of a green annomily over a lake in Montana.  The first link offers an outside party's annalysis of what they think is going on with words typed on the footage.  The second link is the original and slightly longer version.  I find it interesting that there is...
  10. C Pav

    Have 155 Million? You can buy this home in Montana.
  11. D

    The Civil War in Montana

    This is off topic a bit but, I thought maybe those that are from Montana may find this interesting.