1. nodle

    Honda's Minimoto lineup

    I came across this little bike this morning. I am digging it. A kick back to the old classics. Something like this would be fun to have around here.
  2. nodle

    High Speed Stolen Motorcycle Car Chase

    Pretty crazy video to watch. Man those guys were driving for their lives. Kind of tough with a trailer attached.
  3. nodle

    Motorcycle fail

  4. nodle

    This guy can ride a motorcycle!
  5. nodle

    Low motorcycle

  6. nodle

    Merry go round + motorcycle

    Yes another one...
  7. nodle

    Rocket Launcher on Motorcycle
  8. nodle

    The motorcycle diaries

    Watched this last night. Was a good movie. Great cinematography! A 8/10.
  9. nodle

    Incredible Motorcycle save
  10. nodle

    Motorcycle accident

    Cool technology!
  11. nodle

    Cop chases speeding motorcycle, runs off road, dies,7712773.story
  12. nodle

    Indoor Motorcycle Wheelie Goes Bad
  13. nodle

    Jmanz new motorcycle mods

    Way to go!
  14. WayneKerr

    Electric Motorcycle,350 Not the best interview, but the bike looked just as cool after the mod I'd reason.  They link he gives at the end is One of the things he mentioned in the vid is that rate at which the battery charges is based on the...
  15. jmanz

    Passed the Motorcycle drivers test this week.

    Well I had to drive 32 miles one way in the rain to get there but I showed those cones who was boss.  I'm officially licensed.