1. nodle

    Going camping

    So with Summer on it's way yet once again, the thought of camping entices me with feelings of joy. I ran across this guys videos that sells this portable fire box. They are neat devices that pack easy and setup fast. I love watching his videos though, they are very relaxing.
  2. nodle

    Sasquatch spotted in the mountains

    Real or fake?
  3. nodle

    Mountains out of molehills

    Nothing like walking into work and people making bigger deals out of stuff that doesn't need to be. It's amazing how some people freak out of little things, when there is nothing really that bad. Had a note on my chair coming in this morning about a customer that was pissed. I called him and he...
  4. nodle

    Ufo over the mountains

    Give it a little, i wish i knew what they were saying... k5W3buftf9o