1. nodle

    First Corona virus, now murder hornets

    Does it ever end?
  2. D

    Call 911, Get Murdered That’s right, the woman pictured above was executed by Minneapolis police. She called 911 to report a crime. As she approach the police vehicle and said “I am the one that called you”, she was promptly shot by the officer...
  3. nodle

    Collateral Murder

    Well this explains why they wanted to shut down WikiLeaks lately. Watch it and tell me if you saw them carrying weapons.
  4. nodle

    Judge Uses Brain Scan to Convict Person of Murder

    It wasn't supposed to happennot yet at leastbut it did: This past June, a judge in the Indian state of Maharashtra convicted a woman of killing her ex-fiance, citing as proof an EEG scan showing experiential knowledge of the crime. Many people do think there's something to this, that an EEG or...