1. nodle

    Synology 918+ NAS

    So I finally got to set up and play with my new NAS. I am basically switching over from my Drobo. Nothing wrong with the Drobo, but I just wanted a NAS that could do more things. I plan on streaming movies over Plex using this as well. It has so many features it's hard to list them all. The box...
  2. nodle

    Drobo 4 bay usb 3.0

    Saw this on Amazon's deal of the day. It's not quite like mine where mine has networking capabilities, this is one that just plugs into your USB 3.0 ports. But still a great deal none the less. Plus this way cloud backups will see it locally.  Drobo 4 bay $199.99
  3. WayneKerr

    NAS Solutions

    Has anyone used something like this? this device I saw it linked from a tech blog. It seems like a good idea and would get my external drive with its super bright LED out of my bedroom...
  4. nodle

    Black Dwarf NAS

    Sweet custom build.
  5. nodle

    NAS systems

    I have been wanting one, since i have a small little hole to shove a box into. I also almost sprung for a new one this morning the Dlink-dns323. But i am just thinking maybe i should just build a new little system. I have this weird phobia about leaving my computers on at home like it's going to...
  6. nodle

    Drobo backup device

    I have seen these out for awhile now, but after watching the demo, I want one. They have a neat product on their hands. Just wish the price tag was lower...
  7. nodle

    NAS programs