1. ryanator

    Running sandals

    Recently I bought a pair of "running" sandals, ran in them this morning on the treadmill and really liked them. There was a nice promotional discount going on for the holidays, so I went ahead and purchased the Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals. I was looking into these for a little over a...
  2. nodle

    Natural Cough Suppressants

  3. ryanator

    Barefoot running - natural and injury free way

    I've been reading about running or walking barefoot or minimalistic (thin rubber layer for shoe bottom) for a while now and since I've been running for 10 years, I've become more of an advocate of it's benefits vs the damage done by regular shoes that inhibit your legs and feets from developing...
  4. nodle

    Pepsi introduces Pepsi Natural with real sugar
  5. nodle

    Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way

    White teeth and strawberries may not sound like they go hand in hand, but it turns out the berries can actually lighten your smile. The secret to this inexpensive home whitening method is malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration. Combined with baking soda...