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  1. nodle

    NYC will test 'gases' in their subway systems

    Ya I am sure this is just a 'test' and all 'safe'. NYC subway stations will be pumped with non-toxic gas this month (
  2. D

    NYC to Pay $16M for Illegals’ Lawyer Fees I've heard and read from various sources that the US infrastructure is not being maintained. This seems a little extreme.  The Metropolitan Transportation Authority told the New York Post that it was...
  3. nodle

    Mini EMP attack in La, New York, & San Francisco?

    So i guess the power is out in LA, New York, and San Francisco. Don't you think that is quite odd? Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, traffic lights Maybe a test from Russia? They made this comment earlier this week... Russia claims it can wipe out...
  4. nodle

    Illness on flight diverted to New York 'a big mystery'

    An airline passenger said he had trouble breathing, and others felt ill, but the airline said Thursday that an inspection found no mechanical faults after the jet made an emergency landing in New York. Source
  5. nodle

    Recent UFO sightings in New York

    UFO Filmed By Astronauts Flying Over Hurricane Irene 8-26-2011
  6. nodle

    New York UFO Sighting?
  7. nodle

    Drunk New York Islanders Fan Sings We Will Rock You

    Thanks to O-tron  :LOL:
  8. nodle

    I love New York

    Does anyone else watch this show? Why do i put myself through this?