1. nodle

    Barnes & Noble fired its Nook hardware staff

    That's not good. I really like my nooks too. :( Link
  2. nodle

    Microsoft Mulling Nook Media LLC Purchase For $1 Billion
  3. nodle

    Nook HD tablet

    I got to play with one of these over the weekend on display. Neat little unit really. I thought the size was good and the display was gorgeous. Anyone else seen them, or played with them?
  4. nodle

    NOOK Simple Touch with GlowLight

    Well I have been saying that they needed to do this from day one. Once again Nook has the upper hand! They have a video on the page that shows a demo...
  5. WayneKerr

    Kindle Fire vs. Nook Tablet (Nook color 2)

    I am considering one of these. I am leaning towards the Nook Tablet. Does anyone have any reasoning to lean towards Kindle? My wife has an iPhone, so I don't feel hung up on the whole "eco-system" Looking for some friendly input.
  6. nodle

    Barnes and Noble announces new B&W touch screen NOOK
  7. nodle

    Barnes and Noble phasing out the Nook 3g

    This is for just the version which has the 3g card in it.
  8. nodle

    Nook color

    Well I knew they had a big announcement coming up, plus some new firmware coming out next month. But it looks like they are gonna release a new Nook, and color by the way the domain looks.
  9. WayneKerr

    A cheaper nook for you

    Wi-fi only nook for 149.99
  10. nodle

    New Nook firmware out

    Glad to see the new firmware out today for my Nook. Can't wait to play with it over the weekend. They added a bunch of new stuff with alot of bug fixes. They added games, a web browser etc. So sweet!