1. nodle

    Russia barred from the Winter Olympics

    Wow that is quite the punishment they just got. Basically even if you win it won't count.Source
  2. jmanz

    Anyone watching the winter Olympics?

    Anybody getting into the winter Olympics this year? It has been a struggle for me so far to get interested. Maybe its a lack of star power??? I find the summer games to be more interesting typically.
  3. nodle

    Ufo over the Olympics opening?

    What do you think?
  4. nodle

    I should start watching the Olympics more

  5. C Pav

    Video Game Olympics

    Yes, we need them. I know they have competitions and all but we need a mega, super, huge Olympics that blows every other competition out of the water.
  6. nodle

    2008 Olympics (deaths)?

    Having lunch with O-tron and a friend today, and we were discussing if anything bad will happen at the Olympics this year? What do you think? Seems like a great hit for terrorists.
  7. nodle

    Iraq BANNED from Olympics next month

    Fair? Iraq banned from Summer Olympics * Story Highlights * IOC accuses Iraqi government of interference in sports * Seven Iraqi athletes were to compete in Beijing, China * Iraqi government suspended nation's Olympic Committee in May * Iraqi committee operated improperly, government said...
  8. WayneKerr

    What do you think about China and the 2008 Olympics?

    What do you think?  I thought China was supposed to be a bad place.  I didn't understand how they came to host the olympics anyway.  I read that the athletes will be using oxygen due to the air quality and that many athletes and personnel will be wearing breathing apparatus.  I saw on...