1. nodle

    Temple OS - the smartest programmer alive

    I remember this guy from back in the day. Sad to see him pass away. A 2MB OS is actually impressive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mBgIBF9Y6PE
  2. D

    If Operating Systems Ran The Airlines…

    http://muchow.dk/ttrttc/?p=3411 Different operating systems. Different styles. But what if the quirks and styles of the different operating systems were applied to AIRLINES? What if airlines ran things the way operating systems do? This humorous analogy, applying operating system philosophies...
  3. D

    Considering Upgrade

  4. nodle

    Elementary OS

    Ran across this. Don't know why I have never heard of it before. Looks like it's based off of Linux. Download elementary OS
  5. nodle

    Windows 10

    I am sure everyone noticed there new Windows alert in the bottom right today letting you sign up for 10 for free. But Holy crap I didn't know it gets released July 29th! Get ready!
  6. nodle

    Windows 10 to be a full cloud OS

    I could almost believe this. This is interesting none the less. http://www.winbeta.org/news/alleged-windows-9-windows-10-windows-rt-and-windows-phone-details-emerge-rumor
  7. nodle

    Pulling OS/Office/other cd keys

    Thought I would write a quick write up on how to pull keys from your OS or even a old hard drive. There are two programs links that I will post below. I grabbed the ones in the .zips so that they are portable. I had to use both one would work and the other did not. Pretty basic if you want to...
  8. nodle

    Windows 8 OS

    Ok so I got the new Windows 8 and I thought I would post what I think of it so far. The load was simple and easy. I despise the new screen when you load it. It's a big mistake by Microsoft. Good on a tablet, bad on a desktop or laptop. If you had a touch screen the tiles would be big and easy to...
  9. nodle

    Windows 8 - The end of the OS?

    So I am sure you have seen all the Windows 8 stuff from the keynote thing yesterday. You can even download the .iso now for testing. Notice how it looks like a Windows 7 phone? It even has "apps" etc. Who things that the OS is obsolete now and everything is going to end up like an smartphone OS?
  10. nodle

    Just installed my new OS!

  11. nodle

    Locus OS operating system

  12. WayneKerr

    Chromium OS

    Hexxeh Chrome OS http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/chromiumzero.png I have a 2G USB drive not doing anything, I might check this out, although I don't know if I am keen on the cloud
  13. nodle

    Jolicloud netbook OS

    This looks like a great netbook OS. http://www.jolicloud.com/
  14. nodle

    Fedora 12 Linux OS

    It's out today!
  15. L

    Chrome OS preview

  16. nodle

    Using Windows Server 2008 as main OS

  17. nodle

    Fedora 9 Linux OS

    Looks like it's out... http://fedoraproject.org/
  18. nodle

    Mac OS question

    Does the Mac use cd keys? Or what kinda piracy protection do they have?
  19. WayneKerr

    MojoPac - OS for your USB device

    I went to looking for a forum for thinstall and found Mojopac  You can load this program on to your USB thumb drive, flash memory, iPod or other USB device and run an operating system side by side on your work PC for example.  Wanna show a friend your cool new app or game, put it on your...
  20. ndboarder

    Emulate Mac OS X

    Well I'm bored at work.  So i downloaded PearPC, an image of a 6GB hard drive in the Mac format, and OS X Panther, and am now working on installing OS X to the image emulating it in Pear PC.  The image below is the start of the install.  I'll keep y'all posted on progress.  I've been trying...