1. nodle

    Woman spots shape shifter on plane?

    So I have been following this story since yesterday morning. When it first came out people thought the lady was just drunk. Now people are believing she really did see something. A second video came out where another guy on the plane said the guy in the hoodie turned and winked sideways at him...
  2. nodle

    Project center - US Army astral projection and hypnosis research

    Interesting read. Especially since it's directly off their own website. To think this was in the 80's so makes you wonder how far they researched it?
  3. nodle

    Sea monster vs. the submarine UB-85

    I love reading stories like these. Mysterious U-boat may have been found.
  4. nodle

    Black figure shuts down school
  5. nodle

    Ant question (paranormal)

    Has any scientist ever come up with an explanation on why an ant can carry so much? Or how they can fall from a high place and not get hurt?
  6. jmanz

    Paranormal Experiences

    So have any of you had any experiences in person?  I know Mr DaveC has had a few  :twisted: