1. nodle

    Photopea - web based photoshop

    Kinda neat, nothing to install. Imports most formats.
  2. nodle

    Victoria's Secret photoshop fail

    Wonder how long this will stay up.
  3. nodle

    Photoshop time portals

    Really cool!
  4. nodle

    Microsoft was a little photoshop happy

    I mean come on :LOL: I can do better than this. lol.
  5. nodle

    Better use Photoshop more

    Bet he isn't around anymore.
  6. nodle

    50 Dirty, Filthy Grunge Photoshop Effects
  7. nodle

    50 Photoshop tutorials
  8. nodle

    Photoshop express

    Guess this got released. It's like a free small photoshop program. Not all the features though.
  9. nodle

    You Suck at Photoshop

  10. D

    Robyn's photoshop photo

    How much trouble did Robyn get in for the photoshop pictures of a certain person?
  11. nodle

    Photoshop software

    This is open source LINK
  12. nodle

    Photoshop CS3

    Anyone here try this out yet? It's got alot of new features, plus is Vista compatible now and loads wayyyyyyyy faster.
  13. nodle

    Photoshop tutorials

  14. nodle

    Photoshop brushes

    Need a photoshop brush? This site has some nice collections.
  15. nodle

    Online photoshop

    Out and about? Need to fix a picture but don't have photoshop, or time to install it? This next little flash-based program is all you need. Mind you it doesn't have all the functions, but it will work in a pinch.