1. nodle

    The plant of immortality

    Neat article on aloe vera and how it has been used in the past, and some say how the secret to immorality. I do know it's a miracle on sunburns.
  2. nodle

    American food processing plants mysteriously being destroyed

    Ok this is really strange, me and @C Pav and @ryanator we're just talking about this. There have been 18 in the last 6 months. What is going on? Our own government making food even more expensive on purpose? Terrorist activity that they are not telling us? TO many happening to be all a...
  3. nodle

    Beyond Meat

    So, what does everyone think of this Beyond Meat product? Basically, plant based meat products? I know our Pizza Hut here has been promoting it for quite some time now. I see Pepsi just made a deal as well...
  4. D

    Barry Cooper

    So they ended up chasing him out of the country. Now lives in Mexico. He did a few stings on the various agencies. They didn't like that so much. 
  5. nodle

    Air-cleaning plants*ek5EFDyinBbtgzpu-nqSM-N97hT1Ak99GJiR80VQ5ZfeWknkRIQyUUBNVWEftqVzaERffzgEt4SDHx*Qdrk/houseplants2.jpg*WGW9LT26Zemb6RJ29uaIJuKw1uYteZZpfZPOhH6*yfDLSf0pUk3N*05*fAlPNfv7fY/houseplants3.jpg...
  6. nodle

    Plants Won't Grow Near Wi-fi Router

    Kinda interesting isn't it?
  7. D

    Mars Anomalies, Water, Plants, Life! HD

  8. nodle

    Image Collection - Carnivorous Plants
  9. D

    Medicinal plants 'facing threat'

    Hundreds of medicinal plants are at risk of extinction, threatening the discovery of future cures for disease, according to experts. Over 50% of prescription drugs are derived from chemicals first identified in plants. But the Botanic Gardens Conservation International said many were at risk...
  10. nodle

    Eight of the World's Most Unusual Plants

    Neat read if you have some time to spare... Link