1. nodle

    Pressure Washers

    I picked myself up a pressure washer. My Dad used to have a tiny one and it worked well, then it crapped out. I had some credit at Amazon and watched some review videos etc. I bought Craftsman most powerful electric one (I didn't want to mess with a gas one for what I need it for). I want one to...
  2. ryanator

    Training Boxing gloves that don't put pressure on knuckles.

    I was in boxing for 5 years and owned a heavyweight bag to train on. I loved the workouts, but one thing that I disliked was the damage the knuckles took. I properly wrapped the hands with boxing wraps and used thick padded gloves, however, the knuckles still would get sore and red. (I even...
  3. nodle

    Air tire gauge

    I would like to see a new tire pressure gauge that can be hand held with a pressure gauge on it. It would also have a dial that let's you select your pressure. One end goes on the tire, the other end you put the air compressor nozzle on. When it reaches the right pressure the back pressure stops...
  4. nodle

    In most cases high blood pressure won’t save you
  5. jmanz

    High Blood Pressure

    So I go to the doc last fall to get a shoulder injury looked at and they do the normal checkup stuff first. Turns out the blood pressure was 140. I think I can attribute some of that to coffee that morning but still it is somewhat alarming. I am in good physical shape but I guess it does run in...
  6. nodle

    Pressure Point Knockout

    Real of fake. I know the pressure points are real, but what do you think about the video?
  7. nodle

    Under pressure lately

    Anyone else feeling a lot of stress or pressure lately? Seems like work/life/daily tasks are just overwhelming anymore. I need a long vacation so bad. Sleep i am enjoying more and more lately because I can't feel anything.