1. nodle

    3D and resin based printers

    I know we have discussed them in the past, but never really had a topic on them. I see they have come down tons in price and even the cheaper ones seems to be decent such as: Flashforge 3D I have been running into a few pieces for my telescope that no one seems to make and I could easily print...
  2. nodle

    Ink cartridges are a scam

    I couldn't agree more with this video. I watched it all the way through. I have been dealing with this personal with my Mom lately and my work printers as well. One of the biggest scams of the 21st century.
  3. nodle

    Dymo label maker

    Label all things! Can't really pass it up for $9.99. DYMO LabelManager 160
  4. ryanator

    Help with Jam error 200.13 - Lexmark x264dn laser printer.

    I received this printer a year ago from a local company I helped, it's a nice Lexmark x264dn multifunction with not many total printed pages. They got rid of it because of the constant jam error 200.13. I looked through everything and took much of it apart and put it back together. Seem like...
  5. ryanator

    Need help with clogged ink jet printer.

    Does anyone know a good ink jet print head cleaning method? I have a Canon Pixma MP830 all in one ink jet printer. It is 7 years old, but has always been a good printer. They utilize a system that has a separate print head that the five cartridges go into. I refill my own cartridges and...
  6. nodle

    Samsung laser printer

    Ok here is the deal, I ordered something expensive form Newegg awhile back and I got this printer free with the purchase. I am cleaning my computer room and am tired of it sitting here. I have never opened it before and it's brand new. It's only a monochrome laser, but still it will be nice...
  7. WayneKerr

    I need printer help!

    AllIwannado is print this picture FULL SIZE across more than one page. What kinda voodoo do I have to do to accomplish that?
  8. nodle

    Cat meets the new printer

  9. nodle

    Embedded printer driver

    Ok you know what a pain it is getting a printer driver. You have to go to the manufacturers website find your model etc. Why not have a small embedded memory chip say a 512mb super cheap and tiny on the board of the printer. All this stores in the model number of itself and then when you connect...
  10. nodle

    Corey fix my printer

  11. nodle

    Cat VS. Printer

  12. WayneKerr

    Printer cartridges

    blasted color cartridge won't print.  :smt011 :smt011 :smt011 :smt011 It registers as half full, put there was no color. :smt011 :smt011 :smt011 :smt011