1. nodle

    Windows not activated after bios update

    I had a strange thing happen the other night. I had a bios update from ASUS, and when I got back into windows it said my Windows wasn't activated. I tried all the steps, and even re-entered my key. But still wouldn't activate. Then I found this and thought I would post it here for others that...
  2. nodle

    Windows Defender Actions Recommended

    I ran into this after the last build and finally figured it out. If you have a yellow exclamation in the right hand corner and it says 'Windows Defender Actions Recommended' then in windows defender security center, go to 'Virus and threat protection' tab. Click on Windows Defender Antivirus...
  3. nodle

    Social media and anixety, un-happiness, etc.

    I have been wanting to make this post for awhile now. I have even listened to a couple of radio programs going home for lunch addressing this topic. I must say I completely agree. I think there is good things from social media, for example: Catching up with old friends, watching each others kids...
  4. C Pav

    People remembering they have a computer problem

    I have worked some form of IT since college so over 11 years. I have worked phone support, retail computer tech and internal IT positions. I notice and it always makes me a little upset inside when i will be walking down the hall and someone sees me and goes "Oh, since you are here my whatever...
  5. ryanator

    Cocktail Party Syndrome (Background noise problem)

    Just wanted to share a problem I had all my life, known as cocktail party syndrome. This is where one is unable to hear detail in complex sounds like languages with background noise present (sometimes even slight noise). Basically, the best known example is being in a crowded place with...
  6. nodle

    Sir you have a wasp problem.
  7. nodle

    PS3 login problems

    Anyone else notice this? It started last night looks like Sony is trying to fix it.
  8. C Pav

    Computer problems not computer related my problem?

    I worked on a computer last week. The lady's husband picked it up and took it home. While he was carrying it the front popped off and he then dropped it on is foot. The cables for power and leds came off the board so I told them to bring it back in to reconnect them.
  9. nodle

    Problem officer?

    Been doing this face at work all day. I know it's old but I still love to do it.
  10. nodle

    White people problems

    <embed src="" width="425" height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="window" allowFullscreen="true"...
  11. nodle

    Problem child

    Who remembers these movies?
  12. nodle

    Lets just keep throwing money at it to fix the problem

    Bernanke: Fresh stimulus worth considering
  13. nodle

    Escalator problems
  14. nodle

    Would you have any problem eating cloned animals?

    The fda is supposed to ok cloning animals for food and milk next week...would you have any sort of moral or scientific dilemma about consuming clones? Hormones in beef are already supposed to be responsible for the ever descending age kids reach puberty these days...what unforeseen thing might...
  15. nodle

    Having problems finding Vista drivers?

    This site has a collection of hard to find Vista drivers...