1. D

    Americans don't know anything about managing money

     About 1 in 4 literally have no emergency savings.  We are more worried about paying for our next vacation than about saving enough for retirement. Millions of us hide money from our spouses and partners. We prioritize paying the wrong bills first. We’ve racked up $1 trillion in credit card...
  2. D

    Billionaires push global warming propaganda

    Self-righteous billionaires push global warming propaganda on peasantry
  3. J

    Anti-Propaganda Bill Proposed

    This is about 30 days old. It is in response to the pro-war analysts that appeared on the network news shows. Funny how it wasn't really reported. "The House passed an amendment to the annual defense bill last week that would outlaw the Defense Department from spreading propaganda to the...
  4. nodle

    Gun propaganda