1. C Pav

    Vehicle windshield pull off film protectors

    Had this thought while driving to Bismarck the other day and of course since bug season the many bug splats. Make a windshield pull away/pull off film so you can pull it off after trips. Maybe, if possible, make it also small rock chip proof. I guess my idea is similar to what race car drivers...
  2. nodle

    Protection Cat
  3. nodle

    The copy protection for HD-DVD and Blu-ray has been cracked

    The Saga of decrypting an AACS protected movie, by Muslix64. December 6: I just bought a HD-DVD drive to plug on my PC, and a HD movie, cool! But when I realized the 2 software players on windows don't allowed me to play the movie at all, because my video card is not HDCP compliant and...
  4. nodle

    MATADOR protection against IR missile threats

    The MATADOR system protects a wide variety of multi-engine jet transport aircraft against first generation IR missile threats. The modular system design provides flexibility for multi-platform applications, and provides IR missile jamming capability to defeat multiple threats at the same time...