1. D

    Anti-Sharia protests met with Antifa

    Those Antifa pricks have started to carry rifles. They call constitutionalist fascists. I think they need to research what fascism is.  A some point they'll likely bite off more than they can chew.Protesters campaigning against Sharia Law
  2. jmanz

    Grand Forks ND Students Protest Dirty Dancing Rules

    Classic! No twerking allowed....
  3. nodle

    Bill C-309, if passed, would make it a crime to protest in a mask

    Man they really don't want people protesting do they? The Police will use this law as an excuse to attack demonstrations. If they want to stop a demonstration for some reason or other, they will just say that there were at least one masked person there...
  4. R

    Right to Protest

    I guess only Democrats and Liberals have the right to protest... This makes me soooooooooooooo mad! Please read
  5. Ludacris

    Alaskans protest Palin