1. nodle

    PSA: Always wear your ear muffs

    So went out shooting this weekend and made a big mistake. I have the electronics muffs, but went to take a shot and I had forgotten that I put them up on my hat. Oh dear God I thought I blew my ear drums out. They are still ringing three days later. Got a headache as well. So moral of the story...
  2. nodle

    PSA: Change your cabin filter

    So for those of you that have never changed your cabin filter in your car, I would HIGHLY recommend it. I pulled mine out of my car and have never replaced it before an it was disgusting. I can't even believe that my car's heater or vents even worked. For the cost around $15 I highly recommend...
  3. WayneKerr

    PSA: Steam Autumn Sale on now.

    So far I have: The walking Dead, Mark of the Ninja, and I game called Hell Yeah! all in my cart. I have heard good things about XCOM, but I don't know when I'd play it. I recently bought Death Rally, I have 17 hours into that. That was fun.
  4. nodle

    PSA: Firefox 3.5 is out.

    That is all.
  5. nodle

    PSA: check your settings

    Don't flash to new firmware and leave your wireless open on your router... whoops  :oops:
  6. nodle

    PSA watch for deer on the road

    Driving home from work last night as were were almost home I saw a couple of cars pulled over. I could tell something had just happened. So i pulled over (which i normally don't do) to see if i could help. I walked back to the car and the there were two ladies in there and the driver was crying...