1. D

    The Threat to American Public Is the American Police State

    Welcome to Cop Land, where the police make all the rules.
  2. nodle

    Reporter arrested at public meeting

    Everyone sing it with me "The land of the freeeee".
  3. nodle

    Toronto public library allows people to check out humans

    I really like this idea! You can get a lot out of a conversation.
  4. nodle

    PS3 Master Key Made Public

    Oh sheeee :eek: It won't be long now...
  5. nodle

    French Senate overwhelmingly votes to ban face veils in public

    What do you think? Do you agree or does it violate religious rights?
  6. nodle

    Arizona Bans Ethnic Studies in Public Schools

  7. jmanz

    Public Enemies

    Pretty decent movie, can't go wrong with Depp and Bale. The flick is basically about a cop (Bale) trying to capture Dillinger (Depp).  I would probably give it a 7.5 because like I said it was pretty decent but not spectacular.
  8. nodle

    Bush White House Emails Won't Be Public For Years
  9. nodle

    Google's public dns
  10. C Pav

    Public Restrooms

    Why do the restrooms, mainly the sit down stalls, have to have such large gaps between the dorrs and even larger spaces under the door and sides? I don't need to see what's happening on the outside while I am doing my business and I especially don't want anyone to see, hear, and smell me.
  11. nodle

    219 MPH on public road

  12. nodle

    Windows 7 "top feature request list" leaked to the public

  13. nodle

    MOD opens its files on UFO sightings to public

    This could be good, but then again everything good will be gone  :smt011
  14. D

    Pentagon 9/11 video to be made public

    Headline: Watchdog group says release will end 'conspiracy theories' This is bunk. Looks like the CIA has been busy doctoring up footage again. They had to do something though.