1. nodle

    Quality bananas

    One might think that that bananas are all the same. But there really is a difference in a brand name. Take for example a Dole bananas compared to a Chiquita banana. You can just see the difference in the quality. Chiquita bananas have a very natural yellow color to them. Plus the don't seem as...
  2. nodle

    Loss of quality

    So this day and age quality work has become a thing of the past. I will take yesterday for example. I took my truck in to get wheels put on and checked my tire pressure when I got home and each tire had a different pressure in them. Like my dad said "how hard is it when you get done to put the...
  3. jmanz

    Whats up with European car quality?

    Sounds like European cars are going down hill according to Consumer Reports....Asia dominates, Detroit improving. http://autos.yahoo.com/articles/autos_content_landing_pages/1556/consumer-reports-most-reliable-cars/
  4. D

    Best sound card for playback quality?

    Any of use guys have preferences there? I've heard that the creative cards downsample everything to 48k if the file is, for example, 96k or higher.