1. nodle

    Does motor oil go bad just sitting?

    Me and me Dad have this discussion quite a bit. Can motor oil sitting in an engine when it's not needing a change harm the engine? Most oil changes recommend xxxxxx miles or every 6 month etc. But why do you need to change it say in the 6 months if you only have 1,000 miles on it? Does it...
  2. nodle

    4k monitor or 4k tv

    So I have a question. Is it better to buy a 4k computer monitor, or buy a 4k tv and use it for your computer monitor? Can you still do that these days? Would it be better to use a computer monitor for your monitor or can you use a tv as a monitor is I guess what I am trying to ask?
  3. D

    MS SQL question

    Can a guy run MS SQL 2014 Standard in a global compatibility mode for 2012 R2 for a product that wants to create it's own database's and doesn't understand some of the newer query language?
  4. nodle

    Gold question

    I have something that I have always wondered about. Gold this day is normaly mined from mines. Deep underground you pull out ore and then break it down with equipment/chemicals and extract the gold then smelt it. My question is how did so many other cultures do it? I mean from the Egyptians to...
  5. WayneKerr

    Laptop noob question

    Do all laptop speakers suck? Or just mine?
  6. WayneKerr

    Video card question

    Can I SLI with a video card of same reference design, but different manufacturer? Example can I SLI a gigabyte gtx 260 with a gtx 260 from EVGA?
  7. nodle

    Got a question about your Vorizon bill? Better get a lawyer.
  8. J

    Question on nero which has been removed

    I plug in my mp3 to charge up and i get this pop up... i am wondering why the nero is appearing as it is when i no longer have it installed... let me say this... the comp came with nero 9 (which i guess was a trial version) i tried downloading a movie to burn which i couldn't so i uninstalled...
  9. jmanz

    Question for the Microsoft Boys

    Do Windows Updates get released all at once or do they trickle in sporadically throughout the day on Patch Tuesday?
  10. nodle

    Serious question

    Ok so at lunch today, me and Corey were having this discussion. If you drown a girl with cum, could you be charged with murder? I mean you blow your load so much she actually chokes to death on it? Now this is serious. Thoughts?
  11. ndboarder

    Former DCT Employees Unite - CCNet question

    Ok, anyone that used to work at DCT (jmanz, davec, waynekerr), can you tell me what you know about how CCNet is setup for users?  I can't recall if they monitor the MAC of the device connected to the modem, or if they use something like PPPOE on the router.  Spent some time on the phone with...
  12. nodle

    Ant question (paranormal)

    Has any scientist ever come up with an explanation on why an ant can carry so much? Or how they can fall from a high place and not get hurt?
  13. nodle

    Mac OS question

    Does the Mac use cd keys? Or what kinda piracy protection do they have?
  14. jmanz

    Political Question

    Does your spouse/significant other share your same political views?  Do the two of you typically vote the same party ie Republican, Democrat, Independent?
  15. nodle

    Zune question

    Thought I would ask here first. Does anyone know off the top of their head if the new Zune will show up as a mass storage device so I can just transfer MP3 straight to it? I hate being stuck with Itunes crap. Basically I just want drag and drop.
  16. jthock

    Biff Tannen's question song

  17. C Pav

    LCD screen wiring question.

    Wat would be needed to wire up an LCD screen I have that was from a mac ibook? When I say wire up I want to use like for a side case type thing or wire in my car.
  18. nodle

    Paint question

    Why can't they just rhinoline a whole vehicle? I mean they can color match any color. Plus just think no more rock chips and no more dents. And when it gets dirty just take a scrub brush to it. Also why can't they make car paint like they do with Telflon pans? I mean instant drying. Plus it...