1. nodle

    Where did all the record scratching go in music?

    So, I have been meaning to make this thread for a while now. But where has all the record scratching gone in music? You know what I mean, it seems like from the 2000s on up till about 2015 there was always record scratching in music, from pop, to rap, to even rock bands like Linkin Park etc. I...
  2. nodle

    Canadian sniper breaks record

  3. D

    Record Player for your Car

    Record players were the infotainment systems of the 1950s and '60s
  4. C Pav

    Final Fantasy Record Keeper (mobile games)

    So I heard a bit of this and passed on it until last week. I downloaded it onto my iPhone and love it. It's old school Final Fantasy 2D type turned based RPG with leveling and items just like what Final Fantasy used to be. It has levels and characters from many of the past Final Fantasy games...
  5. WayneKerr

    Record Store Day

    It's record store day.
  6. nodle

    Cleaning a Record with Wood Glue

    For you davec!
  7. nodle

    China's Supercomputer is 30% Faster Than the Previous Record

    Way to go USA! :roll:
  8. nodle

    A Big Fat Thanks To Record Execs
  9. nodle

    Record hailstone

    Record hailstone last week – 1.94 lbs HailstoneA giant chunk of hail that plunged into the prairie town of Vivian, S.D., last Friday was confirmed today as the heaviest hailstone ever recorded in the United States. The National Climate Extremes Committee, a branch of the National Oceanic and...
  10. nodle

    FBI Backs Record-Keeping on Prepaid Cell Phones
  11. C Pav

    Americans' job satisfaction falls to record low

    So this is why all the status updates on the right side this morning were about job dissatisfaction:
  12. nodle

    Trackmania: World Record Trailer

    Have any of you ever played trackmania? It's fun! This is the record video showing 250 people playing at once on the same track.
  13. D

    Setting the Record Straight

    Jessica Lynch tells Congress what really happened to her in Iraq.