1. ryanator

    iPod mini repair

    I had an iPod mini 2nd gen when it first came out since 2005. I always use it when I run on a treadmill and have used it in the past when traveling, but not anymore with smartphones. About 5 years ago, I replaced the battery for around $7. One issue that always came up was the headphone jack...
  2. nodle

    Dryer repair man

    So I become a dryer repair man last night. My wife's dryer started squeaking real bad. Took it out to the garage and disassembled the entire thing. I can't believe the dryer lint that was built up! There are not to much to them. Pulled the drum out and all. Tonight I will take it outside and...
  3. nodle

    Replacing brakes

    So my pickup truck about a week ago starting dragging the emergency brake. So it has been in the garage with both back wheels pulled off. We are replacing the two drums, spring kits, and new shoes, and wheel cylinders. I picked up some enamel paint, painted both drums and brake arms and other...
  4. ndboarder

    Soldering as a hobby

    Anyone do a lot of solder work?  I've generally not been the greatest at this, but one sister-in-law had brought a number of poorly treated electronic devices that needed some work.  I've soldered a 3.5mm jack onto something that was torn off before, so she had hoped I could fix them.  They've...
  5. nodle

    Repairing an old trailer

    So basically we had been borrowing a small trailer to haul some stuff around here lately but my Dad's friend said he had an old trailer we could come get. We went over and picked up up today and it is sweet. Needs new wood siding and flooring, but frame is mint and tires are good. It's also a...
  6. WayneKerr

    laptop repair

    My laptop would not stay on for more than 4 minutes rendering it useless. Ordered a fan from ebay, replaced it and it is working again. w00t!
  7. ryanator

    How the heck do you repair Vista's system files???

    This is driving me insane.  I'm trying to help a co worker friend and it starts and shuts down abnormally slow.  I did some online virus scans and caught three trojan.fake. viruses, deleted those.  I installed Vista SP2 and still it's being dumb.  I did the sfg /scannnow or whatever and...
  8. nodle

    Apple "refuses to repair smokers' Macs"

    Can we do this? Then we would get no business.
  9. nodle

    Computer Repair with Diagnostic Flowcharts