1. nodle

    Best Buy experiences

    I must say I always stayed away from Best Buy, but the last couple of online orders I have placed through them have been a great experience. They seem to be even faster than Amazon. How have your experiences been with them?
  2. nodle

    The future of retail stores

    So where do you see the future heading for retail stores? I see more and more chains selling out or closing. I think it's somewhat early, but I think the future is that you are going to have mass warehouses spread in major cities, followed by more satellite stores or hubs. I think think you will...
  3. nodle

    Sony to close all retail stores in Canada

    Sony Corp. will close all 14 of its Sony Stores across Canada as the company continues to struggle to reshape its business. The company made the announcement on Thursday in a memo to the employees of its stores, one of which is located here in Ottawa at the Bayshore Shopping Centre, telling...
  4. D

    Analysis: AMD loses dominance in U.S. retail channel to Intel