1. nodle

    Will retirement disappear entirely next generation?

    Interesting article, at this rate the world is going the next generation will have no retirements. 42% of Americans will retiring broke
  2. ryanator

    Simple retirement calculator I made.

    Retirement Calculator (Download button upper middle) Here's an xls document I made a while back that allows one to see the power of what their money and investments can do for them. It's really mostly for no more than a middle class person. I put in the complicated formulas in the background...
  3. C Pav

    Social Security

    Why was Social Security even ever started? Did the government think that people just didn't and don't know how to save for their retirement on their own? While I agree so many people don't it should be our decision on how we spend and save our money. We have so much taken out of our checks each...
  4. ryanator

    My retirement blog.

    I'm going to document the ending days of my job and life/career change in this thread. I'm starting this thread today, but will backtrack a couple of weeks to write down date by date starting at my decision to quit my job mid career and take some time off. It was not an easy choice in some...