1. nodle

    R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain

    I was sad/shocked to see this new this morning. I really liked this guy. Liked his attitude and the way he spoke. I thought his job would always be the best. Such a shame. Anthony Bourdain dead at 61
  2. nodle

    How to rip a dvd to your computer

    This is a real nice article done by Lifehacker. Head to Handbrake's homepage and download the program. Install it to your computer as directed.     By default, Handbrake can rip unprotected DVDs, but most DVDs you buy from the store have copy protection. To get around this, you'll need to...
  3. C Pav

    RIP Macho Man Randy Savage
  4. WayneKerr

    RIP: Ronnie James Dio

    Dio was credited for popularizing the "devil's horns" hand gesture in metal culture If you have listened to any half way decent classic rock station, you should have heard at least one of his songs. Holy Diver Man on the Silver Mountain
  5. nodle

    Rip Blu-ray to .MKV
  6. nodle

    Rip audio from video