1. nodle

    Roof cargo racks

    I am looking at purchasing a cargo rack for our vehicle and was wondering what brand everyone prefers? I am looking at Thule and Yakima. Mostly swaying to Thule. I know they are sold in assorted sizes based off what you want to CU wise. Does anyone have one for their vehicle and if so, what do...
  2. nodle

    New police dash cam - roof mounted

    So in light of a recent news story where a police dash cam did not capture a whole event since it took place on the drivers side door of the police vehicle. Why not have a new type of camera on police vehicles. No longer dash cams but a low profile roof mounted camera system than cam see 360...
  3. nodle

    Solar panels for vehicle roofs

    With all the vehicles on the road this day and age. Why not have a 3 foot x 3 foot solar panel located on top of the roof somewhere? Cars could be larger than a pickup's. Even the top of semis and trailers could use this. Now this of course can't keep up with the alternator to charge your...
  4. nodle

    Snow plowing a parking garage roof
  5. nodle

    Rich people's roof tops
  6. Ludacris

    Orb on a roof top

    Weird?? Santa get a new ride?
  7. nodle

    Unidentified metal object falls though roof

    FREEHOLD TOWNSHIP, N.J. - A metal, rock-like object about the size of a golf ball and weighing nearly as much as a can of soup crashed through the roof of a Monmouth County home, and authorities on Wednesday were trying to figure out what it was. Nobody was injured when the oblong object...