1. nodle

    Running out of water in the future

    I don't know about any of you, but this year alone it has been scary with how dry everything is around here. Our rivers and streams, lakes and reservoirs are super low this year. I have head about so many peoples wells going dry this year as well. I know a few friends from different states that...
  2. ryanator

    Running sandals

    Recently I bought a pair of "running" sandals, ran in them this morning on the treadmill and really liked them. There was a nice promotional discount going on for the holidays, so I went ahead and purchased the Earth Runners Alpha Lifestyle Sandals. I was looking into these for a little over a...
  3. D

    Made in America (trains running off rails)
  4. D

    Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested Attempting To Flee

    Wasserman-Schultz IT Aide Arrested While Attempting To Flee Country, Charged With Bank Fraud Meanwhile Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is cruising the freeway.
  5. nodle

    Running local web server

    I thought I would post a couple of links to anyone wanting to test a local web server on your local machine. The first one that most people are pretty familiar with is XAMPP The second one is MAMP Just thought I would post some links for some of you that might want to play locally for testing.
  6. nodle

    Figure running across stands at soccer game

    I have to admit it doesn't make alot of sense. Video in link.
  7. nodle

    Time really is running out literally
  8. ryanator

    Barefoot running - natural and injury free way

    I've been reading about running or walking barefoot or minimalistic (thin rubber layer for shoe bottom) for a while now and since I've been running for 10 years, I've become more of an advocate of it's benefits vs the damage done by regular shoes that inhibit your legs and feets from developing...
  9. J

    Running AVG

    Hi again, I'm stuck on something else...Sorry for the bother, but hope to get some help here....I have downloaded the AVG Free software from the site and when I install the software and while it's in the installation doesn't seem to finish all the way because it says I have mcafee...
  10. J


    Hi, I'm having trouble running this program on my sis's's a windows vista home or basic edition..Is there any reason why this would be happening? I use the Free online scanner and it says that I need admin rights, but my sis is the admin on here and we only have one user on this...
  11. WayneKerr

    Cities running out of water

    Amongst the small talk last night at work, someone mentioned that there are cities in California that have run out of water. What would you do if your city ran out of water?  Jamestown Reservoir anyone?
  12. jmanz

    Time running out as you get older

    Why does time seem like it goes faster when you get closer to 30?
  13. nodle

    Running away from the fight
  14. L

    Obama Picks Clinton as VP running mate

    J/K. Who gives a shit.  Talk about building a mountain out of an ant hill.  I guess when we are in a 24/7 news world you have to talk about pointless things. I'm neither an Obama or McCain supporter, but I've coined a new term for my friends who view Obama as the end all of end alls.  Obama...
  15. WayneKerr

    Running with your brights on

    I hate how the intensity on lights are not consistent.  Sure, I know some folks are driving cars that are older than 10 years and that has something to do with it, but its been my experience that they are just different Between trucks and cars and models and car companies, they are just...
  16. ndboarder

    Running Cables

    UGH... what a pain in the ass...  So the new place is pretty well not wired worth crap.  Phone lines are about it.  There are cable jacks in most rooms, but... The living room had a wall plate cable jack, took the wall plate off, no cable connected (but the connector was there, just no...