1. nodle

    Girl named ‘Abcde’ mocked by Southwest gate agent

    The mother says the name is pronounced "ab-city". I am sorry if you name your kid this way that kid is going to have problem all it's life. Link
  2. nodle

    This makes me sad

    An old guy eating out with a photo of his wife. It's his expression looking at the photo. :(
  3. C Pav

    Sad: My launch Nintendo DS died today

    I took it to work today to charge and use and it would not power on. I looked online and it is blown fuses on the board and it happens to them. Tried to repair myself but that failed. Oh well, I will miss it and the memories with it. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
  4. WayneKerr

    Sad Computer story

    So my wife was telling me about the a coworker's fiasco with their computer.  They had company over for the weekend who commented that the internet was slow and offered to check it out.  With good intentions, they found some viruses and malware and thought they removed it all. Shortly after...
  5. C Pav

    Case of the Mondays. Work makes me sad.

    So yeah, sitting at work on a Monday coming off heavy caffeine(and other supplements) use is not so easy. I took an hour nap at lunch. Sheesh.