1. D

    Give this a chance. (along with peace)

  2. nodle

    The Moth saga

    Looking for a new series. Amazon had the first book in this series for free (love how they do that) So far so good.
  3. WayneKerr

    WayneKerr's PC saga

    After Nodle's blog posting about wubi and me not being able to install it, I set out to clean up my PC. I uninstalled a bunch of programs I never used anyhow and cleaned up a bunch of space and formatted one of my drives. I am off now to install the WIN7 RC I downloaded the last day that you...
  4. nodle

    HD: PS3 LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

    Not to bad... $24.98
  5. nodle

    Vanguard Saga of heroes

    Game looks sweet, looks like you need quite the system to play it though.
  6. nodle

    The Saga Of the Lost Space Tapes

  7. D

    Saga in concert

    Tastey devils. Netflix sent us a Saga in concert/videos collection. Wierd thing; they are huge in Germany and Puerto Rico of all places.