1. nodle

    A satellite capable of creating earthquakes and wildfires?

    Does the U.S. or another country have the capability to create earthquakes from space? With the recent large earthquake over in Turkey, I noticed in some of the older posts here on Fluxoid a common theme. Swirling clouds in the sky, strange cloud rainbows etc. This seems to happen right before a...
  2. nodle

    The black knight satellite

    So, what do you think is floating in space? Space junk, an alien satellite? According to some, the satellite is 13,000 years old and is transmitting data to a distant star.
  3. nodle

    U.S. Spy Satellite Destroyed

    So I have seen this on the media lately mentioned more than many other stories out there: First off I am sure it was lost *wink *wink. Second if it was really destroyed they would even tell anymore. Third so who pays for it if it really was destroyed? The tax payer. I am sure they aren't a...
  4. nodle

    Out-of-line satellite systems

    Out-of-line satellite systems One of the primary concerns with the idea of manufacturing powerful "psychic systems" (mechanical TK, pyro, omniscience, basis lock or other higher power thrower systems) is ensuring ground-level security. Once powerful spacetime computers came into being in the...
  5. nodle

    'Misty' - Stealth Satellite
  6. nodle

    Nuclear Satellite Accidents

    Nuclear Satellite Accidents: There have been at least 41 known Soviet and now Russian missions involving nuclear power. At least six have failed. To date, three of 26 US nuclear space missions have failed - a failure rate of 12 percent. - 1964: A US satellite powered by 2.1 pounds of plutonium...
  7. nodle

    KH-13 military satellite

    Watch the KH part there are more out there...
  8. nodle

    U.S. launches secret satellite

    VANDENBERG AIR FORCE BASE, California (AP) -- An Atlas 5 rocket carrying a secret U.S. satellite lifted off before dawn Thursday, officials said. The 191-foot-tall booster blasted off from the southern end of the Central Coast air base at 3:02 a.m. "It went great," said Mike Rein, a spokesman...
  9. nodle

    Disabled spy satellite threatens Earth

  10. D

    Welcome to Satellite Tracking
  11. nodle

    Quake wars satellite imagery

    Someone had some time on their hands  :smt104
  12. D

    Satellite Images Reveal Mysterious Objects In Dragon Triangle
  13. nodle

    Unkown satellite-like device falls into Somalia