1. ryanator

    What kind of pain scuff mark is this?

    In the picture below, what kind of mark is this in the vehicle paint?  I commonly see it.  Is it a clear coat scratch/scuff?   It's flat and smooth and doesn't come out with rubbing alcohol or acetone. For some reason can't find anything on the internet. How do you fix it?  
  2. nodle

    Where did all the record scratching go in music?

    So, I have been meaning to make this thread for a while now. But where has all the record scratching gone in music? You know what I mean, it seems like from the 2000s on up till about 2015 there was always record scratching in music, from pop, to rap, to even rock bands like Linkin Park etc. I...
  3. nodle

    Old English furniture scratch cover

    So me and my wife went antique shopping the other day and found an awesome desk from 1920 that was in really good shape. It had a couple of scratches here and there, but for being from that area it was in mint condition. I came home that evening and tried some sprays etc. to clean it but...
  4. ndboarder

    Linux From Scratch

    I haven't looked into this site much, but it is my understanding that basically they guide you through creating a linux system from source, nothing packaged together, basically creating your own linux distro.