1. D

    Google Search

    If you are looking for something that follows themes of conspiracy, politics and religion; Google Search is now complete crap. These guys are a joke at this point. Maybe it's from here on? Startpage gives anonymity but, if the results you are given are so agenda driven, how useful...
  2. nodle

    DuckDuckGo - Search Engine

    I know DuckDuckGo has been around for quite some time now, but I haven't looked into them in a long time. But I am impressed, they have come quite a long way and it's private unlike Google. Plus they have a new app out as well. Works quite nice with Firefox.
  3. nodle

    Supreme Court OKs Warrantless House Search
  4. nodle

    Bing uses Google search results

    Then they deny it. T-minus ndboarder coming in here and defending it.
  5. nodle

    Search Top Secret America's Database

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  6. ndboarder

    Bing search engine

    Well I tried not to a be a gimp and give in, but I have been using Bing quite a bit more lately. I'd encourage you all to do the same. It is better at local results (at least here) and the overall search results aren't too bad. I still cave in once in a while and use the "do no evil" engine...
  7. nodle

    Military jets search for sphere UFO over Kansas City, Kansas

    A report was made that military planes and helicopters moved quickly onto the scene after an unusually shaped sphere UFO flew into the Kansas City, Kansas, area and hovered, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. A woman in the Kansas City area was outside...
  8. C Pav

    Google images search game.

    Ok, turn off safe search and then search for something on google images that usually isn't considered NSFW. Post here how many pages until you get a not safe for work picture. I'll start with magnum..... Made it to page 4.
  9. nodle

    In Search of the Death-Worm

    As someone who spends pretty much his entire life chasing, investigating, and writing about mysterious beasts and diabolical monsters, I have to admit that I have come across some extremely wild and far-out stories in my time and thats putting it mildly! But, the one strange creature that...
  10. nodle

    Google's secret search

    I believe the military uses a "backside" to Google search. Another words they have a search engine that can dig way deeper. Basically all of that tracking info that you search with is stored in Google's archives. I also believe because of the Google is military sponsored. Any thoughts?
  11. nodle

    Titanic search was cover for secret Cold War subs mission

    The man who located the wreck of the Titanic has revealed that the discovery was a cover story to camouflage the real mission of inspecting the wrecks of two Cold War nuclear submarines. When Bob Ballard led a team that pinpointed the wreckage of the liner in 1985 he had already completed his...
  12. nodle

    Nice search engine
  13. nodle

    Feds: We will search through your laptop files at the border

    Following in the wake of February's news that customs agents were seizing electronics and making copies of all the files on cell phones and laptop hard drives, a federal appeals court has ruled on the legality of such searches. The result: Yeah, customs can do whatever it wants to your computer...
  14. D

    Ohio Sheriff?s Deputy Sued Over Strip Search of Woman
  15. nodle

    NASA to search files on '65 UFO incident

    Government agency fought the move in federal court Source
  16. nodle

    Torrent search all in one spot

    Like the topic says...