1. nodle

    Seinfeld Lego set

    LEGO Ideas - Seinfeld set releases on LEGO Store for VIP Early Access on July 21st ($79.99) Seinfeld 21328 | Ideas | Buy online at the Official LEGO® Shop US
  2. nodle

    Seinfeld deals

    Every Christmas you miss out @C Pav . Does it! Seinfeld Complete Series: Limited Festivus Celebration Edition w/ Party Pack Seinfeld: Complete Series
  3. nodle

    Seinfeld: The Complete Series

    What a steal! To think it use to be like $150. Today only $39.99 Seinfeld: The Complete Series DVD Box Set
  4. nodle

    Sims 4 Seinfeld cast

    Someone made the Seinfeld cast in the Sims 4. They did a good job.
  5. ryanator

    Find video clip of this Seinfeld scene?

    This is one of my most, if not the most, favorite Seinfeld scenes where George is trying to track down his friends in a movie theater. The episode is called "Pool Boy", and I searched the internet, but couldn't find it. Anyone else find it? Here's the script of the scene (read it in George's...
  6. ryanator

    How to look busy at work - the Costanza way.

    One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes, where George Costanza looks annoyed or frustrated while at his desk to make it look like he's extremely busy. Below the video are 10 tips from 1 - Never walk without a document...
  7. nodle

    Seinfeld - The Complete Series $58.99

    Amazon deal of the day. Excellent price.
  8. nodle

    Seinfeld porn!
  9. nodle

    Seinfeld tv series

    Who loves Seinfield? No matter how many times I see the same old episodes they make me laugh. I have all the DVD box sets. :smt055