1. D

    Facebook's new site
  2. J

    Apple will share face mapping data with developers

    Apple will share face mapping data from the iPhone X with third-party app developers Developers need explicit user permission according to Apple guidelines Apple plans to share facial mapping data captured by the iPhone X’s series of front-facing cameras and sensors, according to a report...
  3. nodle

    Share your sunburn stories

    Well we all do it at one time or another in life. Go outside to enjoy the nice weather and you think to yourself "Hey I will be ok for awhile", You don't notice anything until evening sets on, and then you can feel it. We went to the lake a few times this weekend and I thought "I will be fine...
  4. jmanz

    Celebs/Athletes that share your Birthday

    If you put in your birthday month and day into wikipedia's search, they'll display a list of famous people born on that day.  Who shares it with you?  Notables for me included Puff Daddy, Matthew Mcconaughey, and Devin Hester from the Chicago Bears.