1. nodle

    Let's talk beards

    Ok thanks to @jmanz let's talk beards. Were going the opposite of @C Pav and his 24k gold plated razors. What do you use to take care of your beards? @jmanz recommend this. I have grown beard off and on, but I never knew they made a product to make it not it...
  2. nodle

    Monthly shaving clubs

    So was watching some videos and reading on monthly shaving clubs. The two big ones seem to be Dollar Shave Club and Harry's. It would be nice to have blades and accessories delivered each month so I wouldn't have to worry about running out. Plus they are way cheaper than the store bought razors...
  3. nodle

    Missing hairs when shaving

    Does anyone else hate this. You shave go to work and feel your face and you can either feel a patch or single hairs that you missed? Plus your screwed until you get home from work. Ughhhh.
  4. nodle

    Extreme shaving

  5. nodle

    The shaving thread

    For us men that have to shave every morning, there is a new way. Throw away those cheap Mach3s or Mach 350million blades. There is a new way, no more razor burn or bumps on your neck. It doesn't have to be that way anymore. I use to use a safety razor along time ago. It was my dad's dads. But...