1. nodle

    The big red boots

    Yes these are real and getting popular.
  2. nodle

    Ned Flanders Adidas shoes
  3. nodle

    Winterizing your boots or shoes

    Ordered me some new shoes yesterday. But thought there still may be life in these so I took them out to my parents and my Dad has this boot stuff you put on with a toothbrush. Boy they look sort of brand new. Brought the color back and everything. Plus makes them waterproof. Tried to cancel my...
  4. jmanz

    Dress Shoes

    So one of my dress shoes cracked on the bottom of the shoe leaving me with wet socks when I walk through snow. Oddly enough one of my cowokers had the exact same thing happen to both of his shoes the day before. They are a few years old so not a huge deal, they had a good life. I'm wondering...
  5. nodle

    Back to the Future shoes

    I am getting me some. They are real, and Nike will be releasing them soon. I guess they auto tie themselves too. Seriously!
  6. nodle

    Slip on shoes

    Man jmanz is right these are the only way to go. The next best thing to the old velcro days.
  7. Ludacris

    Guy throws shoes at GW

    lol, so funny.  GW has dodge ball skills!
  8. nodle

    Shoes are ugly now

    What happened to shoes? They use to be so cool. Back in the day air Jordan and black tops were so awesome. Now they look like a solid chunk of plastic.  :pinched: