1. D

    Florida sheriff urged citizens to arm themselves
  2. C Pav

    Military/shooter MMO

    I was thinking why not make a military/shooting type MMO? One idea is to have different time eras. You start out in the stone age with crude weapons like stone axes and old slings and rocks. As you progress you can warp through time to the next time era. You can always come back and forth but at...
  3. Ludacris

    Babushka film? JFK assassination shooter?

    The film zooms in on what looks to be a gunman behind a masonry structure.  The original film does not zoom in, it's been edited to zoom in and slow down for the brief second the shooter appears.
  4. jmanz

    The Shooter

    Rented this movie last night and really liked it.  It had enough action to keep a persons attention and decent plot.  I'm a Marky Mark fan so it was a given.  It reminded me of sniping in video games.
  5. jmanz

    Shooter the movie

    This one looks good to me. linkage